Word of the Day

aliment \AL-uh-muhnt\, noun:
1. Something that nourishes or feeds; nutriment.
2. Something that sustains a state of mind or body; sustenance.
3. To give nourishment to; to nourish or sustain.

This looks alarmingly close to "ailment", n'est-ce pas? I have to enunciate clearly (and not be a lazy Kiwi) to differentiate from "element". It's a cold, cold, crisp beautiful Saturday morning, friends; the snow on top of the hills coruscating in the morning sun. (Yeah, it doesn't roll off my tongue yet.) I need some aliment in the form of a fresh, hot coffee with low-fat (not my extremely low fat) milk.

A great start to the weekend and I hope yours will be lovely, too.


fraise said...

"aliment" is French! It's used here as the equivalent of "food", basically. It comes from the Latin "alimentum", which also meant "food". Despite its similarity, "ailment" has an entirely different etymology: http://www.myetymology.com/english/ailment.html

(I'm a professional translator and as fascinated by the unique paths words take as I'm fascinated by textiles!)

Meg said...

Gotta say the former wannabe Sociolinguist always wins over the former translator/interpretor; I find folk etymology fascinating.