Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another Art Outing

Today Rose took me to Wollaston Estate Winery to see a Dick Frizzell exhibition. We saw six large paintings, five of which were based on hand painted signs on the roadside and on shop fronts. The viewing experience had a new twist; the gallery had MP3 players loaded with Frizzell's interview, so we went around the gallery listening to him describe each painting. We came out feeling we had a very intimate, immediate access to the paintings.

I appreciate my friends taking me to exhibitions. They've all had formal art education, whereas I've had none, and I am opinionated and have been known to blurt out, in not-so-inside voices, utterances such as "Yuuuuuuck!!!!" and "Good God!!" When asked, I can only say what I like about a work, or not. And when they discuss techniques, forms, compositions, etc., it gives me a deeper understanding of how to understand and appreciate (or not) paintings.

Sometimes I wonder why they put up with me because I react like a kid, but then they are all good mothers and they may be used to kids' reactions.

We started daylight savings today, so we are officially in spring/summer mode.


  1. haha!! I'd love to hear you blurt out GOOD GOD! in a gallery! We must do that one day!

  2. I shall try not to embarrass you, Hope, but it happens more often than I intend.


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