The Week That Was

Last Wednesday I went to see Dr Tom for the one-month check up to see how my tiny antidepressants are working. I companied I've been reduced to an emotionally steady, well-balanced person, with none of life's highs. But admitted I didn't have extreme lows, either, and most days I managed to do something albeit slowly. I complained (nicely) it's been like living with an emotional cataract, and asked if we could look into reducing the dosage. Dr Tom convinced me the current dosage is so low it may not work halved, so we agreed to stay on track for two more months.

Speaking of slow progress: my project. Back in early June, Andrea contacted the organizers of a selling exhibition at the Waiheke Art Gallery on Waiheke Island near Auckland, and asked them to invite me! And they did. The plan was to take all winter to experiment and concoct four exquisitely funky pieces. I managed, just, sending off four possibly-still-damp cotton scarves on Friday morning, paying the quickest costliest Saturday delivery postage to insure they would arrive by Monday, and they did. Outside the Guild structure, this was the first exhibition I took part in since Craft 08 in Feb 07*, so it was important that I'd make it. I hope they liked what I put in; even though they were not some of my best, they were my brightest. Feel of Fibre opens this Friday.

I was frantically pressing and tagging and doing the paperwork Friday morning, so I missed my drawing class, but I made it to our Textile lunch. It was a small group, only Rose, Rosie and me, but what an interesting discussion. The topic was "appropriation", a potentially touchy subject in Aotearoa New Zealand, but I'll have to think about this and post separately.

Ben had gotten yet another cold last week . When I came home from the lunch I just fell into bed, and with practically no chemical assistance, we both slept through to Monday morning, with occasional breaks foraging in the fridge. I felt a tad week during the day but funny how I knew I was fully recovered that night: my mind raced and I couldn't sleep. Life was back to normal.

And speaking of projects proceeding like a snail locked in glacier, yesterday, Tuesday, I started/resumed my stash war, with full gusto this time. I've actually been on a cleaning high, something I missed. So that's where you can find me this fine Wednesday, attaching lethal fluffy balls.

*Edit: I had the wall at the Suter and Bye Bye Blue Eyes, both two tiny exhibitions - I'd forgotten about them this morning. And Craft 08 was in, yes, 08!

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