Waiheke Art Gallery Pieces

I sent four to Feel of Fibre. The first is my SSVE piece. I spoke to the organizer shortly after I finished this piece and had the rest of the warp on the loom, so I thought I could make something "funky" (their request) from this warp to include in the package, but in the end all four pieces came from this warp.

The second is similar to my SSVE, but in duller-than-gold yellow, in an original draft. I made and sampled half a dozen drafts for this project but this is my favorite; the size of the units suits the yarn size, sett and the width of the stripes.

So much so I wove a dark, garnet-red piece without the eyelash accent. This is my favorite.

The last one is the same draft as my SSVE, without the eyelash, in a blindingly bright aqua color. I was running out of time, I experimented with something else but it failed, (I'll show you that later), and couldn't make up my mind, so I went with the "funkiest" I could muster, and this was the result. I add that in summer, (and on Thursday when I was weaving this piece) shallow parts of the sea around here turn into a soft greeny aqua color, so this is representative of the coming season as well.

I both love and loathe this piece. The only regret is I didn't make the bottom side the A side when hemming, but the top side looked better before I washed it, and this is the price I pay for leaving it too late.

All four pieces are woven 7 inches side and around 170cm long.

I apologize for the less than the optimal pictures. They were hung and being dried with the aid of a fan heater while I shot them.


  1. The interesting thing is, when I think of funky, the first tool I think of is color, but now that I'm finished with this, I can see how you could "do" funky in other ways... Perhaps with bold designs, in black and white.

    Maybe next time. I've had enough funky for now.

  2. Wow so much colour and each piece so different from the other. I'm with you and my favourite is the garnet red, its so vibrant. LOL

  3. Thanks, Dianne. I'm pretty sure that draft is going to come back in another piece some day.


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