The One That didn't Fly

While weaving the second, yellow piece for Waiheke Art Gallery, I thought of using the eyelash yarns vertically. I only wanted to pin down the eyelash yarns every inch or so in two pics, and after some experimentation, I decided to have three ends in four places.

The mechanism was simple and straight-forward. As you can see, I didn't thread them, but sleyed, and every inch or so, I held down the eyelash yarns and let the shuttle travel over them.
But aesthetically, it didn't work, and since I didn't have the time to experiment some more, I wove the last two with no accents.
I thought, while photographing the sample piece this afternoon, it might have worked better had I used the other face of the draft. Or if I had kept four ends in three places like I imagined first.
Maybe next time.


Dianne said...

Do you mind if I say that perhaps it didn't gel because there is too much fluff. Maybe just one stripe of it would have created interest. Do you remember the sample in R.D.'s workshop when he said, 6 metres please?

Meg said...

No, exactly. And had I had some time, I might have trimmed the eyelashes. But one stripe didn't look right, nor two. I was also influenced by another weaver who saw it at an earlier stage, but I think she was just thinking out loud.

And no, I'm sorry, I don't remember the sample you talk about.

Meg said...

Can't stop thinking about what other things I could have done, and the solution is, I'm too easily influenced. I think I was more than ready to overdo it, reflecting the enthusiasm of the organizer, and her bubbly personality, but more to see how far I would go.

I'm looking for ward to a warp of some old looking stuff now.

Meg said...

Oh, these factors, plus the organizer's intentions for this exhibition; some cheerful news during the Drury days of recession. (I spoke to her in June.) I'd be very interested to see how literal the others took it, so I keep looking at Grabaseat. I've never been to Waiheke Island, Dianne.