Looking at The Whole Cloth

I don't know if Ali i s doing so intentionally, but what I get from our conversations is she is trying to make me look at the whole cloth, or the cloth as a whole.

In the last few years, (and you can't blame me after taking Bonnie Inouye's workshop in 2002,) I've unintentionally put most of my effort into making interesting drafts, and the type of yarns I use, the colors, or the sheen were all selected to make the pattern/lines/shapes look pretty.

Ali is not against complex patterns, but she has been nudging me to put in just as much care, effort and thought into selecting textures and weave structures, and play with setts and such.

Thus far, the design modules in particular and even the block sampling seem to have only the most tenuous, invisible, link to the kind of cloth I want to weave. But then if you asked me today what kind of cloth I want to weave, I would have to tell you, "something different from what I've been weaving." So I'm OK with the tenuous link, because I'm excited about the possibility of possibilities.

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