Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Moving On

This was my motto for the last few years, and since the day I bought the little magnet at the Red Gallery, the day Jay decided to sell my scarves there, it sat on top of the smaller window in my stash room, like the cross the Irish always wrote at the top center of the blackboard as soon as she entered our classroom.

I've been ready to move on with my motto of late. Considering what's happening with my life right now, it feels apropos, and I didn't want to just discard it, but I wanted to pass it on to someone else. So I posted it today. I hope I did the right thing.

I'll stick to "preposterous" at least for the rest of the year.


  1. Yep, everything sooner or later becomes something else. Constant state of morph. The trick is to not get attached to any of it!

  2. Yes, but it seems a lot of what I used to have was so much nicer and better and promising than what I've got now or what I'm doing...

  3. Lament, reminiscence, vs. what, bad attachment, Connie?

  4. Fixation, that's right, that's what I want to let go.


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