Thursday, September 10, 2009


A commitment I made in early June, I realized I couldn't fulfill it so I composed a long letter of apology in my head on Monday, only to find on Tuesday I have two more weeks, so I am supposed to be working on that.

I am told by many people my medication is working because I don't have the extreme lows any more, but I am still waiting for some highs, some days full of energy and zing. Tuesday and Wednesday I was exhausted for no reason, and felt brain-dead, but I could read, so the meds must be working. And I don't have absolutely blank days any more.

I continue to enjoy reading about design, and my next module involves playing with lighter fluids, so expect some... flares!

Eye candy, or eye cakes, for you here. Click on the tiny cakes at the top of the page; my fav is the tea party cake.

Tell me what you've been doing to inspire me, please!


  1. Oh, I'm quite booring today! I'm doing the laundry :) But tomorrow...

  2. Yes, tomorrow, (which is today), and then there's next week, Desiree.


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