Back on the Horse

I apologize for not posting anything much of substance since I've been back. (Not that I do that often, but anyhoo.) Believe it or not, and I have a hard time believing myself, most of last week I slept between 10 to 14 hours every day!! And during the few hours I was up, I kept counting the number of days I had left to make something for the Fiber Art Awards, and came up with absolutely nothing. Finally, yesterday afternoon, feeling frustrated and wanting to get on with my "normal" life, I gave up on the idea of putting anything forward, and got on the business of weaving.

Feeling foot-loose and fancy-free, I planned a black and gray Fibonacci-esque log cabin, (my very first log cabin!) using knitting alpaca at 6EPI, weaving width a little over 10 inches on the loom. I know some of my friends weave superb pieces with alpaca, but I had one hideous experience with alpaca, and since these come off of knitting balls, I have no idea if 6EPI is good enough, and/or how this is going to wet finish. So, some major sampling coming up soon. Since I will have enough warp for 3 scarves, however, I would like to change the treadling and make pieces with difference looks and I might even use other colors in the weft.

And I dressed the loom today.

I also put on a purple merino warp on the big loom. This is my favorite merino, 110/2 or approximately 2/17 in 18EPI, in a discontinued color, "Grape". I made this warp some years ago, but for some forgotten reason, I started putting it on the big loom, then decided not to weave it, and took the warp off the loom. I did not have a cross at one end, and the end I presume with the cross was cut and taped together with masking tape to try to maintain the cross order! Don't ask. I don't remember what I was thinking, but this is why I hadn't used it for years.

I do love the color, and I am interested in reproducing my cotton "Rococo" designs in merino, using less contrasting colors; in this case probably dark red or burgundy wefts. I haven't finalized the drafts for this one so it's not threaded yet, and when I do thread, I'd have to proceed with tender loving care. I do remember I made this warp as wide as I could with what I had on the cone, so I've no extras left, except for the 50cm or so I cut off at the tangled taped end today. These will have to do if an end breaks.

I got some information from Claudia about the Bamboo/Rayon debate, but there is a lot of science reading (not my forte,) in order for me to understand enough to explain to you, so I need a bit more time. There are some common sense things about textiles that I didn't know or had understood incorrectly, so I'll tell you about them, too.

Oh, and Japan pics coming up soon-ish. Deciding not to participate in the Fiber Arts Award was so liberating; I can get on with my life and start doing things I like. Like weaving, and posting photos. And I've volunteered to help them hang the Awards exhibition, something I love doing.

What's on your loom???


  1. As well, going back to looking at the photos on your blogs, too! Yummy!!!

  2. lovely purple! I like the black and white warp. look forward to seeing how they come out as well as some Japan photos! soon

  3. Just between you and me and the blogasphere, the black and gray warp is a tad scratchy, at least while making the warp and dressing the loom. I'll have to see how it behaves in a cloth, GrannyG.


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