Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've been home, (and that'd be Nelson,) for nearly 48 hours. My body is great, albeit even plump-er than before the trip, but my head is exhausted. Yesterday I managed to get up at 7 but had a nap in the afternoon, and today I couldn't get up until 10.30.

I've tons of photographs and thoughts/observations/craziness to share, but the Old Head needs to start working so I can work on them, although if the OH were working, it and I should be working towards the Art Awards, for which photographs are due 26th of this month. (Four "working" in one sentence...)

From the very edge of the left field, while I was away I sold a short story. No, that's an exaggeration; I got paid to have one of my first drafts as an example in a writing course. This and the fact the only thing I sold in my hitherto only solo exhibition was a sunset shot makes me wonder if I'm in the wrong field. Too late, I've got to consume the stash in my stash room before four small boxes arrive.

I'm a weaver. I have more respect for myself as a weaver than a writer or a photographer. Besides, there are fewer of us in the world, which makes us more special, yes?


  1. Welcome home, Meg. The answer to your question is Yes!! Glad you enjoyed your trip.

  2. Hi, Judy. Finally uploaded the photos to the group blog, too. Phew! Now onto my own pics, I think.

  3. Welcome back, look forward to hearing fibre-y adventures soon. Only 4 boxes...?

  4. Yeah! What did you take me for, insane??? And they are SMALL boxes!!!


  5. Great to know your back!! 4 boxes of goodies, that sounds wonderful.

  6. Definitely, Bety... (((Oh, and a box of books, too...)))


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