Thursday, February 25, 2010

Japan Pics 1 of ...: Cherries, Cherries, Everywhere

What did I tell you? It was mid-January, even before the coldest time of the year, and they were all over the place. Train companies advertised day- and short-trip destinations where cherries bloom early.

Cherry-motif ceramics at a department store.

Even the local 100-Yen shop had a wee display. I really, really wanted a couple of the tiny dishes, but Mom dismissed them as "real junk" so I didn't get any. I should have...

Oh, and the washed and finished cherry blanket - the width shrunk further in the suitcase (??!!) and I wasn't happy, but I like the texture and the weight and by the time I took these photos, it was well and truly used, by my dad in particular.

(That's Dad wondering how many more pics I need before he could get the blanket back.)

And there are more Japan pics here


  1. That's so weird that the blanket shrunk more in the suitcase!! It's gorgeous though!!!


  2. Truth to tell, Sue, I think it had time enough to complete draw-in, but it did happen in the suitcase. :-D

  3. Beautiful blanket, gifted at the perfect time!

  4. Thanks, Trapunto. Perfecter if it were wider, but that's OK, the rest of my family is pretty slim... Almost...


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