Finally, Tim!!

Our friend Tim Wraight the sculptor finally has a website! But now that it's up and running, it was worth nagging Tim and his partner Claudia for three and a half years. Though there'll be fine tuning in the next wee while, the gallery is loaded.

Next, Ben and I must win the lottery so we can commission work by him.

The city of Eureka, California, one of Nelson's sister cities, is going to install a piece Tim donated some years ago in a new building, we hear. That'll be exciting, too.


  1. Thanks for the link. I enjoyed the gallery. What an appealing vision. For me, everything prompted intriguing double takes--suggesting functionality, then turning out not to be functional. Maybe the dense surface decoration? Like folk-carved sweetheart spoons and furniture . . . or old fiber equipment, for that matter!

  2. He's a pretty spectacular artist. He's currently driving his truck up to Wellington (or was that yesterday) to install three new pieces for an sculpture exhibition. We really hope to go, because this exhibition has a lovely outdoor/indoor setting.


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