Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Color-and-Weave Books

Speaking of Log Cabin, does anyone know if there is a significant difference between Margaret B Windeknecht's "Color-and-Weave" (1981) and "Color-and-Weave II" (1995)?? I see that II can still be purchased new from Amazon.com, but I is mostly used copies from the US and the UK, including ex-library copies. I don't mind that, but I wonder if II is very different from I, or more or less a reworked, updated version.

Any information will be greatly appreciate. Thanks in advance.


  1. Could you say a bit more about this book? It sounds like something I would appreciate. Amazon says nothing helpful about the contents and googling produces nothing of use either.

  2. Well, Pat, let me see. I've seen one or the other some years ago at the local Polytech library, at the same time I got out Ann Sutton's Color-and-Weave book. Many were 2-shaft weaves, but more than I had expected were more than 2 shafts. It starts with what you can do just by changing the warp/weft colors, e.g. log cabin. But the Windeknecht's book, if I remember correctly, had a few 4- and possible 6-shaft twills, also. But I could be wrong.

    Some years ago I also found a CD (published in 2000), I know that this replaced the first book. But I wasn't sure if the CD included the stuff on the second book. This is where I really wished I could see these things before I had to buy them!

    A little more here: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_i_0_14?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=margaret+windeknecht&x=0&y=0&sprefix=margaret+winde

  3. Hi Meg, I have "Color and Weave II" (only). Quote from page 1: "I decided that, rather than republishing the original version, I would rewrite Colour-and-Weave to include the knowledge acquired during some fourteen years of additional study. The result is Color-and-Weave II."

    She also says "In 2000 the original version of Color-and-Weave was made available on CD-ROM."

    One of the chapters in book II is "Eight Shaft Twills and Large Checks" so, yes, it does go beyond 4 shafts.

    I think it is a very useful book.

  4. Thanks, Dorothy. I know it's a useful one, but I can't remember which one I saw so Ben is going to go have a look. II seems to be the one I need, then - lucky it's still available.

    Amazing how much you can do with just c-a-w, though. The first time I saw Ann Sutton's book I didn't get c-a-w, but when I saw it the second time and then Windeknecht's, I was blown away. It's time to revisit and experiment!!


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