Japan Pics 2 of ...: I Brought Home...

Because I got some yarns from Mom after helping tidying her stash room, I wasn't too seduced by her beautiful catalogs and samples, and in fact, I didn't take the time to study them closely. Other than books and Mom's reject yarns, I brought home some little things.

I learned to knit, and to... sew together the sides, whatever you call it. So if I wanted to, I could knit cushion covers. I don't have a project in mind as yet, so I keep knitting and unraveling this one ball over and over for practice. I love the spontaneity in designing and the portability of knitting. I brought home four bamboo needles, and one plastic widget/needle that allows me to make cables.

When some of you told me how these beads are used nowadays, I thought it was the most stupid thing I've ever heard, but when Sister gave Niece a huge jar of them for Niece's 4th birthday, we were all hooked. Myself so badly I kept using the beads, then I replenished the jar with three bags, but I might have used up as much as I replenished.

Niece loved Big Boy Cousins' presents very much we had to convince her she can have them all after I took a couple of photos.
I find this process an interesting study in color, proportions and placements; I have a particularly hard time trying not to line things up in a straight, regular way.
My not-so-secret silk cotton samples: it's more like a jewelry box to me.
And I got these tiny rubber stamps; I'd like to cross-stick our initials on some of the clothes I hope to weave and saw in the future.
(I had intended this to be the last post in the Japan series, but it's taking me too long I might was well publish whichever posts I have ready and not worry about the chronology.)

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