April Spools Day

My oldest set come from two sources, the first from the manufacturer of my heaviest shuttle, the second from a local man who wanted to start a woodworking business over a decade ago. Not sure what happened to him.
This is the hardest working set, naked for now.
And just a small portion of my handmade, recycled paper set.
And a set of tiny Japanese bamboo ones Sampling gave me a year ago for my tiny Japanese silk shuttles. I wanted to show these next to a set Mom gave me last week. I can't find them today, meaning, they are in the last box I packed for Mom to post after I left, the very box I asked her not to post this morning, because she was right and the box is not sturdy enough for the size/weight. So for the time being, they sit in Mom's closet. Silly me, I knew she was right Wednesday morning, but was too tired to repack even though a perfect box sat inches away waiting to be thrown away.

Coincidentally, Mom couldn't find her own set of slightly bigger bobbins. I eventually found them right where she reorganized and put them, but meanwhile I bought her a cheap set of plastic drinking straws. At first I didn't like that the straws came in five colors, but it turns out Mom has half a dozen boat shuttles that are almost the same size but not quite, requiring slightly different sizes of straw bobbins, so voilà, color-coded bobbins in a bag!

Here are Kaz's spools.

And Sampling's.

And Kerstin's.

And Desirée's.

And Sandra's.

And Laura's.

And Jeanette's here, here, here and here.

And Rose's.

 And Zeni's.


  1. And some of mine:http://hemvävt.net/2013/04/01/april-spools-day/

  2. Just posted at http://sandrarude.blogspot.com/2013/04/happy-april-spools-day.html. It's always nice to see other weaver's spools!

  3. Thank you, weavers. What a variety, not only of the bobbins, pirns and threads, but the containers, too. Mine are ye olde square plastic New Zealand ice cream containers; how utilitarian.

  4. hi
    i know, i'm not a participant on the challenge list (i am to late,... snif) but i would although show you my version of the spool of the month.
    thank you so much for this inspiration

  5. Not to worry - I just found yours via Google Reader. Lovely colors!

  6. Sorry I couldn't participate, this year. Next year, I will, with bells on!

  7. No worries. Plenty of real work to be done!


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