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Ben had been saying I may not want to wait until the northern Fall/Winter to go back to Japan, and I had thought as much, but on the other hand Mom and I expected Dad would be... ummm... OK until the winter, ergo my original plans to go back in Oct/Nov time.

Now that I'm pretty much set on going sometime in May/June, I feel more light-hearted as the decision has been made and all I need to do is to take action. I'm making lists of things I must do before I go and I'd like to do if poss. I do hate leaving Ben once again, probably for longer than seven weeks this time. I feel surprisingly deeply disappointed I won't be able to garden this winter as I had BIG plans to clean up and beautify. I feel more relaxed about work as I've contacted everybody I need to and, well, to be frank folks are used to my being utterly, dismayingly late.

I'm a little flustered as I postponed a lot of things that needs doing around the house last summer, and I'm not sure if all are on my lists, and that's one the more bothersome chores but I would like to get them out of the way. I would like to clean the garden at least a little before I go, perhaps plan lettuces and leaves for Ben. And I think I will do my tax returns for 2012/13; this is not due until Jan/Feb 2014 for me, but just for peace of mind, because that's a big piece as far as pieces go.

Even if I end up not going home, all these things need doing anyway, so I'm not wasting my time.

OK, off the computer now. I was sick for two days last week so the house needs cleaning, kitchen needs serious cleaning, clean laundry needs putting away, etc, etc, etc. and the towels await me.

* * * * *

Yesterday while drafting Japanese blog posts trying to summarize discussions I had with Mom on moving on to eight-shafts, I realized I never differentiated network(ed ??) drafts and advancing twill. I'm aware I don't pay attention to terminology and definitions, but still this was shocking. This is why I don't teach, and hate it when Mom pops questions in front of her students, because I know what I'm doing, but I don't know what others do/think/say, let alone the "proper" anything. Yikes. 

EDIT: Whichever "home" I'll be, regardless of whether I can make something or not, the small piece exhibition is going ahead as long as there are more than three of you/us making something. The wonders of the Internet, yes? 

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