Small Piece Exhibition: Guidelines

I'm editing/augmenting the previous proposal and going ahead. I'll be asking those taking part to get in touch with me mid-June-ish to, among other things, decide on the name of the exhibition. Please stay in touch. 

* * * * * 

What I'm proposing is an online exhibition of small woven works, inspired by Sampling's success last year. You post photos of the finished small woven work/s and a master link/TOC is posted here.

Plan something small, between postcard-sized to roughly A4/Letter.

Weave pieces whose main purpose is to be shown, e.g. on the wall, objet d'art, textile postcards, etc., but if you'd like to incorporate them into utilitarian pieces, e.g. bags/cases, book/notebook covers, jewelry or a portion of a garment, that's fine, too. Show us at least one close-up, though. 

Works, in the first instance, must be woven on looms, by you, but additional/subsequent treatment is also welcome.

Works can be 2D or 3D, (though cloths are, you know, never really 2D.) They can be framed with/without glass, but do take care photographing to avoid reflections. (In other words, do a better job than I, please.)

Works must be woven/completed between now and Sunday, June 30, 2013; final photographs/posts/folders ready to be published at the end of that day your time so I can publish the master link some time on Monday, July 1, 2013 my time. If you happen to have a perfect warp on your loom already, you can of course use that.

It's an exhibition; all photos must show the completed works only; no progress shots, no tutorials, but a particularly interesting detail is welcome. Let's put process talks in separate blog posts or photo folders and let's not reveal the finished look until the exhibition. (If you post your process, you may want to tag/label your posts for your fans.)

There are now so many ways of putting our work online and I'm familiar with only a few. So for now, I'm thinking of three options:
1) Blogs: one final, exhibition post with all the pics and info, or,
2) Photo blogs: one dedicated folder with multiple photos and info, or
3) Social networks sites: one dedicated photo folder with multiple photos and info.
Do make sure your exhibition area is publicly visible only after July 1.

In the exhibition post/folder, an artist's statement, piece labels/blurb, and an artist profile pic are encouraged but not required. As long as your hosts allow, you are free to put a price on your piece/s and ask interested parties to contact you.

If you don't blog and don't post photos online and remain a relatively private citizen, good on you!! We can post your work and blurbs here. 

Let's limit the number of pieces to max six per person, but, say, a triptych counting as three.

Let's limit the number of photos to around three per piece.

Any question, please post in the comments. Ta. 

Underlined portions amended on June 11 to clarify, if, for no one else, me. 


sampling said...

It is tempting and end of June as a deadline is feasible!

Meg said...

Good to know, Sampling. Thank you.

Esmae said...

A good idea, Meg, I'd like to take part. Normal postcard size seems a wee bit tiny, though; maybe something up to A4??

Meg said...

Yup. I don't want to go big, but if the rest of you would like to go to A4/Letter??

Peg Cherre said...

I haven't participated before, but I might actually be able to commit to this one. (YAY!)

Meg said...

Oh, yay indeed, Peg.

Alternative Thoughts said...

HI Yes I would like to be part. I'm not sure how much I will be able to do but a piece to make at present would be good. Am open to postcard size sound worldly, and 2d-3d gives me ideas. Thanks Meg for thinking of us and giving a textile venue.

Meg said...

No worries. Thank YOU for your interest.

Janet Procure said...

Just discovered you and would like to participate - is it a closed list?

Meg said...

Closed list? Absolutely NOT. It's for anyone who wants to take part, Janet. And you don't even have to commit TO ME now, but just let me know when I ask for participants to contact me around mid-June.

Totsie Marine said...

i would like to participate.

Meg said...

OK! Duly noted!

Peg Cherre said...

Meg - I'm working on my piece. Have to have it done & pre-posted (with an actual post date of 6/30) on Thursday, since I'm leaving home on Friday and will be gone till Monday. Can you please clarify what you want in the post - just a few photos or also the other info you note: artist statement, piece labels/blurb, etc?

Meg said...

Ultimately it's up to you, but any of the above. As long as you are happy. But please post date it to July 1, thanks, and email me the link to your blog, if not to the particular post. Thanks.