Oh, What Joy to Weave White!!

I couldn't manage to get a descent photo under the florescent light, but I swear it lit up the whole room! I can't remember if/when I've woven white/white, but the last undyled/undyled was the first SSVE in June 2008.
This is woven with the same draft, which is also the same as Mom's hangy thingy.

I've been thinking about Cally's towel for P2P2, and wondered if I want to weave a series of almost-bath-towels; thin and a bit smaller than the usual bath towels but quick to dry and handy for beach picnics or while traveling. And if I were to weave those, I already have the warp colors selected!


  1. I don't know if you remember, but at the end of my weaving career I was weaving plain white/natural cloth, in plain weave to boot. I loved it best of anything I ever wove. It took me back someplace in the early days of weaving, when plain weave and simple- or no colors was all that was at hand. I still have most of that cloth (7 pieces) although I dyed a few pieces eventually.

  2. I must have remembered them, if you had blogged about them, because I was thinking about your dye projects while weaving these, and thinking if I wanted to do more, I could easily weave a warp or two of whites for either dye or shibori projects, Connie.

  3. Yes, like weaving white!

  4. Snap! I was thinking about that towel too, and have an idea for a few more...

    Love the white-on-white. I don't think I have ever woven pure white, as opposed to sheep-colour-white.

  5. I could get used to white - come to think of it, this could have been MY first, also. So much options for dye projects, too. But for now I just love watching the hills and valleys of the threads grow.


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