Saturday, April 13, 2013

Next Step

I'd forgotten that there are fewer shafts lifted in this draft when woven "wrong" side up. This morning the sample is dry and seen from the "right" side the design is livelier than the the pic from last night.

Trying to think what I can make out of this warp, Ben and I concluded the cloth is a tad too thin for place mats and too coarse for cushion covers, so I decided to go for a hangy thingie. The parents' house has been cleaned out substantially and some old, decaying decorations tossed out, so there should be room for one thingie roughly 35cm wide and, oh, 180cm-2m long there. And because there are a  lot of browns and natural colors/materials in their house, I think I'll go with a bit of browns, lots of yellows and perhaps a pale green, to lighten the room. Whichever one Mom decides to hang it in.

I'm also thinking of cushion covers and/or place mats using other wools from the stash for better hand/texture/suitability, but that's for later.

And I'm going to tie a cotton warp on this to weave one or two of the commission pieces on the list.

Yup, moving on.


  1. Looks great Meg, your mother is a lucky woman!

  2. We'll see how it goes, Carol. It may not work out, you know, or I may change my mind. Hee hee.

  3. I was just playing around with something that is much easier to weave wrong side up...but I really didn't want to! I wanted to see it right side up on the loom. Does it bother you one way or the other?

  4. I am not worried about which side I'm looking at when I am weaving, Cally. In fact, I don't even think in terns of right/wrong sides when I'm making up drafts and flip from front to back to front often. Weaving with fewer shafts up, though, most definitely decreases the chance of shuttles falling through the gap, which is a BIG plus for me. LOL.

  5. Interesting. I get very wedded to what I think of as the 'right side' and don't like it face down - even if I end up using the cloth the other side up! Perhaps it is the effect of all the Theo Moorman, which has to be right-side-up...

  6. Aha! Whereas I try to make both sides as interesting as possible so it doesn't really matter which side I'm looking at.


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