Inert Day Book

I felt utterly inert today, mind and body. Ronette thinks I need a holiday but three return trips to Japan between the two of us and house/contents/cars insurance this week prevent a holiday getting on my cards anytime soon. Besides, ideally, I would be weaving and drawing and collaging right here every waking minute. And gardening, of course.

This afternoon, instead of reading, I made up a wee booklet I could work on the next time I have an inert day,   But please, not too soon.
It has ten pages of things to think about, one on each page, things I like brainstorming with other weavers and makers.The inside is black, white and gray so as not to influence my thinking about colors; the formatting and wording are student-teacher-handout-ish, but that's OK, it's just for me.

If you are curious, email me and I can send you a PDF file but you must let me know if you want it in A4 or Letter. And, you must show me at least one completed page, either by posting on your blog or by sending me a scanned/pic file. Please.


  1. Speaking of wee booklets, something is in the mail from me to you...

  2. I feel so slack, Connie. It has been my turn for a whiiiiilllleeee....


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