"Weaver to Weaver", Or, Dare We Say, W2W2

Last year we had fun with this and I've been sitting on this idea since summer, so let's just do it.

1) Collect small items that inspire you as a weaver, that show something of your weaverly thinking/feeling, or something achingly lovely that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Put a few in a "normal sized" envelope; I'm thinking a medium Christmas card size, or "business" size roughly one-third of an A4 or Letter size sheet.

2) Email me, not comment here, how many envelopes you've got by the end of your day, Sunday, November 24, 2013 your time. Let's say, up to around three. Also your name and physical address and an URL for a blog, photoblog, website, somewhere we can find out more about you and your work. If you haven't got any, that's not a problem.

3) On Monday, November 25, I'll match you up with an/other weaver/s and send you their contact detail. Yes, if you have three envelopes to send, you'll hear from three weavers.

4) Send your envelope/s to your partner/s on or before Tuesday, December 31, 2013. That's any time between the time you hear from me and Dec 31. For overseas mail, please use Air Mail.

5) Sit, wait, and enjoy. When you receive your envelope, make yourself a hot/cold cup/glass of something and sit in your favorite chair. Tell us about it if you like.

You may prefer to do 2) first so you will hear from me about your partner/s, then collect/assemble.

Questions? Please ask away in the comment section.

You may want to write a short letter. Or not. You might include a tiny drawing, a photograph, a sample swatch, a bundle of thrums, or something else entirely. If mailing overseas, be careful of plant/animal matters as some countries are very strict about what comes into the country. Last year I got charged a bundle extra because I included "cotton threads"!!

It you're not a weaver, that's not a problem, but just keep in mind you're playing with a bunch of cloth aficionados and thread nuts.

Last year Alicja brought up the point of English possibly presenting problems to non-English speakers/writers. Participants need to understand how W2W2 works and in communicating with me, but it's not required in the actual exchange/contents of the envelope. In fact, weaverly love may become more intense without words. If you think English may become an obstacle, contact me somehow anyway and I'll try to find a translator, hopefully a person and not a software.  

Let's keep this low-cost and kind to ourselves as the assembling and the receiving are meant to give us a bit of reprieve in this busy season.

Again, if you're in, please email me, not comment on this post, with:
Number of envelopes
Your name and postal address
Your URL if you have one

Participants so far are: Margreth (2), Jane (2), Margery (3), Sampling (2), Alicja (2), Meg (3).

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Unknown said...

By the time I got a quiet moment to open Margreth's envelope, Margery's had arrived too, so I had a lovely quiet moment of opening both packages and spending time looking, touching and feeling very happy with myself. I've had a chance to take some (poor light) photographs and blogged about them at http://jane.dallaway.com/w2w2-packages - Thanks for organising again Meg!

Meg said...

I am still eagerly awaiting mine!