Pressie, Blah, Sudden Unexplained Changes and W2W2

I got a wee present from Connie Rose - I've been following her book-binding and mail art adventures with interest, but this is the first time I got to hold one in my hand, and work in it! (Don't you just love the envelope as well?)
Ben's been home all week but both of us have been taking turns being very tired, so unfortunately, not a lot of house-cleaning or gardening taking place but reading and watching Star Trek the Original Series. It feels as though we're both trying to recover from "this year".

We did bring everything culled during the kitchen cleaning to the Hospice shop, (instead of splitting them between the antique shop and them,) and the ladies loved the delicate porcelain cups in particular, so it was worth it. Besides, one never knows when one needs the services of the Hospice. Afterwards we took a walk in three kitchen shops and I found some white dish sets (have wanted two place setting of a white set for years now,) and Ben some of those funny-saying mugs, all on sale, but we came home with one giant slotted spoon. Aren't we doing well?
I've been having sleepless nights. Last night it proved productive, though; I suddenly thought why struggle making "saturated" with the yellows & oranges warp, so I thought of trying to replicated something like these with cashmere. We'll see.

Weaver to Weaver 2 sign up is due this coming Sunday. It would lovely to have a few more of us, if possible, please?

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