Thursday, November 7, 2013

When "Inert" isn't So Bad

In the last few years I've come to see that not all Inert Days are bad; on a few occasion, sometimes days/months removed, I realize my head/eyes had been working without bothering to tell me so. Fingers crossed yesterday "they" were working on possible projects with the Japanese wool because I sure can't stop thinking about their texture.

Since I've been home, I've also been day-and-night-dreaming about the suspended friendship project. I think I did fine in choosing the red wool warp yarns, and the basic idea of highlighting your contributions against a plain background, but I haven't been shown how to incorporate my fussy patterns. I also prefer to weave it on the big loom so I can see the bigger picture while I weave, rather than on a smaller loom with flexible lifting; it's a matter of extremely careful draft-construction on the computer.
Even more than ever I'm desperate to use more of my stash, not because I've accumulated more yarns recently, (really not a whole lot this year; honest!) but because if I can use those table tops, I could collage/draw/play any time without having to put them away before I've finished a project. That was the whole point of having the tables as I recall. About time.
I washed the purple piece some time ago, but didn't press it nor have clipped the loose ends. It sat waiting draped on the back of the couch like a wet old dog who doesn't know he hasn't been a puppy for a decade. I was up at 4 this morning unable to sleep so I wrapped myself with it while I watched a couple of hours of Al Jazeera. Used/worn/wrapped in it, it didn't feel as heavy as I anticipated, just meaty, substantial and homy.

I love it. And you can't have it. Because for once it's mine.LOL.


  1. I really like the deeply textured surface of the purple piece. Beautiful work.

  2. P.s. It's okay to trim the loose ends now. I suspect you put it off so it wasn't finished yet and nobody could claim it. Well, it's yours now, so go ahead and finish it!

  3. Hee hee, hah hah, it now has my smell, yeah? Many years ago my Mom wove a small blanket for us and took it off the loom the day before she left. She managed to braid the fringes but not the wet finish so she told me to do it, and of course we started using it right away so I never wet finished it. But I think I laundered it once or twice. Funny how things work out with things we make for ourselves.


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