Artists are Backpackers

In an email communication with Martin Rodgers, I was expressing my disappointment (ok, bitching) I still have a hard time selling my pieces, but was enjoying a growing circle of artist friends interested in what I do. To this he replied, and I know you all would love this one:

"Artists are like backpackers - they discover the next best thing and then the rest of the world follows."

So you heard it here first. I knew he'd find something encouraging to say. Thank you, Martin.

The yellow warp is looking good. After I corrected two threading mistakes (use to make them so rarely!), and two sleying mistakes (used to never make them...) I sampled and love all the color options so much, I've decided to weave three pieces from this warp for the exhibit, and then make an identical yellow warp (something I never do due to extremely low boredom threshold) and tie on and weave four more.

Oh, the invitation to the said exhibit arrived yesterday. I always feel a little uneasy when this happens, but the gallery is getting to know me well, and when I rang they knew I'd be there at 5PM Monday with my goods. I have to say, though, for a show exhibiting "finely crafted" craft work in Nelson, the invite looks a tad drab, wouldn't you agree?


  1. Never mind the invite, your colour choices are great and love the draft.

  2. the dreeary invite makes your work all the more fascinating. LOVE the weave in the lower half!

  3. Yes, that is a drab invitation, but your weavings are stunning! I'm a beginning weaver and I can't wait till my skills are good enough to begin to try to weave something like those.

  4. Hi, Ladies.

    Well!!! This was quite a labor of love (& hate!) I got two descent pieces out of the 8-meter warp. And couldn't tie on the next warp. I'll explain later, but on the one hand, quite disappointing, but the pieces that did work, very pleasing.


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