A Gift

It's the start of autumn here, and the sun is suddenly just a little kinder, and though we have strong sea wind from time to time, even these bring wee gifts.

I like to keep my front door open at times like these. This morning, I thought there were tiny twigs on the floor, but when I tried to pick it up, it was something different. And there was another one.

(I try not to think of these as somebody's former body parts!)


  1. If I saw those here in North America, I'd think they were cicada wings. In your part of the world, who knows?

  2. From my life's background chorus of the last couple of weeks, I'd say, you're spot on, Lynn.

  3. They are BEAUTIFUL!
    The universe just gave you gift.
    What will you make with them?
    How will they inspire you?
    And there's two!
    Meg's time to fly.

    Love it!

  4. Lynne, they are a little delicate, so I might draw them... But I can't think of a way to keep them, so I might ceremoniously bury them after I've enjoyed and appreciated them awhile.

  5. Meg, I think they will probably keep fine if they are dry and out of direct sun. Of course, then they'll collect dust - at least, in my house they would!

  6. Dust in my house, too, definitely, but I might find an old jam jar or similar. Thanks, Lynn.


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