We All Do It, Don't We?

A couple of weeks ago, we were queuing/lining up to get into the Opera in the Park, the biggest music event of the year. This year we had Dame Kiri Te Kanawa as the main guest.

Four or so persons ahead of me was a smartly dressed woman wearing a vivid blue-red shawl. The body appeared to be a standard 4-end Herringbone in fine but not terribly soft wool, but on the ends were this fantastically intricate knotted work, apparently in synthetic cords.

Naturally, once we were inside the gates, I approached her and asked if I could photograph it. She thought it is from Ecuador.

Oh, sigh, oh, sigh.


Anonymous said...

That is simply stunning - almost incredible. As for 'doiing it all the time' - I'm going to get arrested for analysing the weave structure of someone's scarf one day!

(Apologies if I've made a double comment. I'm posting via satellite from a ship in the middle of the Southern Ocean at the moment. We'll lose that in a few days as we head further south, so I'll be quiet for a couple of months.)

Meg said...

Good lord, where are you exactly? Heading to Antarctica? You must be in my neighborhood? Have a great trip, Tara.

Anonymous said...

Meg - yes. My day job is as a scientist, and I spend about two months of the year south.

I haven't passed through your part of the world unfortunately, or I'd have made an effort to drop in! I'm on the other side of the Pacific to you at the moment, chugging down the Pacific side of the Peninsula, at about 65 degrees south at the moment. By the time we get to where we're going we'll be half-way between South America and NZ. I used to sail from Christchurch and Wellington a lot, but I work in different areas now.

Thanks for your good wishes. Happy weaving, in so many ways!

Anonymous said...

I am totally inspire and ruined for the year.
Must learn how!
Thanks Meg.

Meg said...

Tara, it all sounds very exciting. You might just run into Hawaiki!!

Lynne, ruined? No! Just enjoy. You'd be so bored if you knew you've learned everything and from here on you had to invent new things constantly, yeah?