The Rebuttal

I was a wee bit taken aback with the strong words in the comments to my previous post. If it's semantics, I can't help it; English is my second language. If it's my Kiwi expressions/sentiments, I congratulate myself in becoming more fluent in my third language. (The fourth word in the first sentence is a case in point.)

Craft 08 is a tiny exhibit in a tiny town at the edge of the world; this is hardly my West Side Story, and in fact the very lack of satisfaction from my pieces prompted me to think.

That we chuckle at the thought of "chunky rugs" is because we visualize the hefty hand-spun-natural-colored cloth I understand were prevalent in the 80's in New Zealand, not because I think my work is better than what he described; in fact, I found the passage rather complimentary.

"Achingly beautiful cloth is not always synonymous with complex cloth." "I don't want my cloth to be a gimmick simply because I have these tools." Same thing.

Whilst I acknowledge the value of showing up at work every morning, and of the basics in color and design, I need physical maps when I travel, and metaphorical maps in life, and I don't apologize for that. I am the kind that creates happiness, because that's how I find it all my life.

We say in Japan, "Ten people, ten colors."

As to "laughable", I'm pleased I've been able to entertain, because it's doubts and apprehension over here.

Most important for me is Craft 08 was the last of a string of exhibitions I committed myself to in 2007; the next time you see my stuff, I hope to show you something one level up.


  1. Sorry for the misunderstanding...my intent was in agreement...to affirm and encourage you.

  2. I am sooooo embarrassed, Valerie; I read "laughable", not "laudable" there. I am so sorry. And I went back half a dozen times to check that I read it right before the rebuttal.

    This is what happens during a depression episode - I get so far inside my head that I fail to hear what others are saying.

    However, that I thought you said "laughable" was also a good shot in the arm because I sincerely like to hear from people with other methods/view points, because it's a jolly good chance to for me to rethink what I'm thinking and making sure I'm writing what I'm thinking.

    And the basics of color and design? Yeah, inevidable-, meta-, or just plain fun weaving, aboslutely.

    Anyway, I am so sorry about the misunderstanding.


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