The "heady" me thinks I live life recklessly and stupidly; the hedonistic me thinks Heady is all talk and no action; the two feel annoyed and embarrassed by each other. On a rare occasion, they agree; in this particular case, they are both terribly embarrassed.

At the opening of Craft 08, I was horrified by the "waves" in my hung pieces. These were woven in frenzy prior to Re:fine selection and I don't remember much about the tension, but I do remember it was terribly humid on the day I pressed and packed them for Craft 08, so I asked if I could come and press the three pieces and hang them again; Deb Hunter said yes.

First thing Monday I went to Refinery to press the three shawls and employ wee tricks to make them appear straight and flat. I was relieved they didn't look as bad as I remembered when I arrived, but it still wasn't a good look. (If you have good tension, and use a drum, you won't know what I'm talking about. Basic stuff, but I struggle with it sometimes.) Deb helped me hang them again, and we got a little trigger-happy and over-corrected them. The two larger pieces seemed to be shouting, "We're terribly warped, so we've been Botoxed," when I left.

I went back today to see how they were doing, and they weren't as bad as I remembered. As it appears often to be the case, things are never as bad as I imagine them to be. Nevertheless, this is an area I desperately need to improve.

That is my ironing board in the corner; these two are awaiting Botox. They are possum/merino/silk both ways, my chunky rugs.

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