Who Would Have Though You Can Laugh So Much At The Mention of Warping Boards

I know it's 11 more months to Christmas, but I just found this at Bonnie Tarses's Weaving Spirits blog. Without her sage advice, I might have lived to be 90 believing it was just a boring old thing with sticks poking out.

But seriously, here's a "food for thought" post that will make me think and groan and ponder for the next few weeks. RISD's textile course must be a whopper of a course, though I wonder what kind of changes in the outlook they've had regarding textile, studio weaving and such since Bonnie attended.


  1. Thanks for the "nods". You are certainly one weaver I wish I could spend some time with face to face (or loom to loom). You struggle with the same sorts of questions as I did. Do the periodic "crises in confidence" go away after 47 years? Do you stop making stupid mistakes? I wish I could say yes to both, but alas I cannot. I can tell you that the space between crises get further apart, and the stupid mistakes become laughable.
    Weave On!

  2. Well, Bonnie, we just have to sell our scarves at mega-bucks each so we can visit each other, don't we? But seriously, I am everyday thankful for the Internet to not only be able to speak with other weavers, but to see their work, and hear them if we so desire! I can't imagine doing this through the post, or on the phone, or even with faxes any more.

    We are blessed, and I am blessed to be in your company.


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