Rose Pelvin, Weaver

Back in March 2008 when I went to Blenheim, I photographed Win Currie's work. The fact is, I also went to photograph Rose Pelvin's work, but I got too ambitious and came home with over 400 photos, and have been culling them and wondering how I could best introduce her work. I thought I needed an angle for the story.

Rose is the leader of Marlborough Weavers, and my "seeing-eye" weaver when it comes to practically any problems but particularly with structures. She is an enthusiastic and tireless mentor to many and a prolific weaver herself. Rose is a Kiwi, but she didn't grow up on a sheep farm, and having tried lots of other crafts, she thought she would try weaving in the late 1960's; Rose completed the then-Nelson Polytechnic Weaving School program in 1976 and has never looked back.

Rose likes to let yarns speak for themselves; she says often they tell her what they want to become and she is the agent to make it possible. Rose loves linen, and if she could, she would weave only table linens and fine fabrics.

Following her methodology, instead of cooking up an angle, my angle, I decided to let the photographs speak for themselves. Enjoy!

You may also have seen her work in SSVE and the Festive Towel Exchange.

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  1. That's my clever Mum! Thanks for showcasing Mum's work Meg. The photo's are awesome.

  2. Hi, Esther! It's embarrassingly overdue, this post, but it took about four goes over six months just to cull the pics! I have a few nice pics of her work, so I hope to give her a CD Rom on Sunday. Happy New Year to Rose's Welly franchises!!

  3. so beautiful. I especially like the way she does indeed let the fibre speak.

  4. Thank you for posting these photos. I love the all white fabrics.

  5. Yeah, she's pretty special, our Rose. I admire her skills and techniques, but her productivity astounds me. Where she finds time to volunteer her time and bake, in addition to weaving, Goddesses only know...


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