Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year, Everyone

We're 12 hours into 2009 over here. No, we didn't have a wild party, but we did catch another episode of "Civilisation". And we've been up for hours contemplating whether to work in the garden today or clean the house, while wondering why this morning's coffee tastes a bit strange. It's really been a wonderfully relaxing holiday this year; I just wished he had another week off!

Here's a visual gift from me to you; actually, it's from Ben to you. Forever Ben has been interested in landscape photography, but suddenly in 2007 he started playing around with macro and "arty" pics as well. I'm trying to steer him into textile photography also. More of his pics can be found in his Sketchbook.


  1. What a gorgeous colour! Love Ben's work.

  2. very beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Happy New Year to you also!

  3. Carol, in macro shots, Ben has a great critic. (Yeah, moi...)

    Dana, what songs have you loaded on your Christmas present? I'm glad you're still talking to me!

  4. Right back atcha!! Save! Save! Save! And back up once in a while!!


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