A Thought

There's a post on Bonnie Tarses's Weaving Spirit I keep going back to. It's titled "Who Wove This?" from about a year ago. This time, I'm not even sure if I understand what Bonnie is saying.

I just said in my New Year's resolution I'm out to have fun this year, because I think in the past I've concentrated too much on utility. Randy Darwall, who also went to RISD, in his Craft in America vid clip said as hand weavers, we don't want to make run of the mill stuff.

I'm not sure what I'm thinking just now or what I intended by pointing to that post; it's one of those Brigadoon thoughts germinating or gestating in my head.

Don't worry, we managed to get the living room ready (mostly by shoving everything in the stash room) and tomorrow we'll pack up half the kitchen and move all the flower pots outside out of their way, so when the chimney and the wood burner (fire place with a lid), there's nothing in the guys' way.

Now for some loom time. Or perhaps it should be warping board time?


  1. Gosh Meg, you've been busy but it's all fascinating reading. I loved the story about your parents - it reminded me of The Portage stories.

  2. Carol, I think these are the kinds of stories I intended to write... My family has quite a few funny stories like these...

  3. Hi Meg, I don't know if you have seen this link or not, but do watch it. When I saw it I thought, "Now this is conceptual art"

  4. It would help if I added the link

  5. Yes, I have, but not nearly often enough!!


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