Just Thinking out Loud

Don't panic, because I'm not acting on this one for a while, a long while. But while I was vacuuming the studio this afternoon, (not enough cleaning, but at least it was a start), I was thinking of the logistics and the practicalities of touring an actual Small Scarf Exhibition. You know, a group of us hire a tiny venue in our own towns and our little gems traveling around the world to be admired. Too hard/back burner for now, but it's a nice thought, don't you think?

Oh well, for now we'll stick with SSVEII a little later in the year, shall we? I'm thinking some time after Easter and before the northern summer. Any takers?


Susan B. said...

I might actually be in on this one!

Meg said...

Hurray!! I thought it's not a bad idea to suss out interest at this point, because anything woven from today (Jan 1) is good for SSVE...

I'll post more on this sometime around March or April or so, but thanks for the interest, Susan.