Life Doesn't Always Go As You Planned...

Yesterday we were supposed to have cats-and-dogs rain, possibly hail, thunder and lightening. I was so looking forward to a bit of drama, but before it came, I had Ben shift the compost before it got wet, and I planted tiny annuals, even though some went into places I didn't intend, and some were planted in the wrong order so they might get trampled when I put bigger things nearby later. At any rate, the summer's been sunny and dry and I felt bad about several trays of tiny babies suffering on the concrete.

In the middle of this, we got call that Ben's mom passed away early in the morning, so we've been trying to plan a quick trip back home.

Which means, like it or not, I have to forfeit the Awards project, and worse, I have to do my 07/08 tax returns before we leave. So Ben's been on my case to get me to finish it though he's helping me, too. This is a task I usually stew over for three or more weeks before I actually get to it, but I was given one evening to stew over it and we started at 9AM this morning.

Neither our parents' homes have (to our knowledge) the Internet, so access is sporadic until we get home towards the end of this month. But I hope you all will enjoy the start of the new year and weave lots of nice things. I expect fabulous pictures when I get back.

Oh, about the weather drama of yesterday, we had glorious Nelson sun and gale force winds. The babies look so cute all around, but I wouldn't be surprised if they all dry up while we're away if THAT's the kind of torrential rain we can expect.


Dianne said...

So sorry to read of your loss. Treasure your special memories of her.

Anonymous said...

Very sorry for your and Ben's loss, Meg.

Safe journey when you go, and good luck with sorting things out.

Meg said...

Thank you, Tauret. I hope you find your password!

Thank you, DD. We weren't close at all, so I'm on wayward-daughter-in-law-work-horse-mode. Since Ben's Dad died four years ago, the government-owned apartment must now be vacated, and since it's the New Year break, we/they can't find anything out, as in when it needs to be vacated, etc.

Truth to tell, it's been a heck of a bad time for Ben's work and mine, but you can't help these things. We're planning to leaving Nelson mid-week.

Thank you, Geodyne. Mom said it's XXX-ing cold! Yikes... (OK, she didn't say XXX-ing, but you know...)

Carol said...

Oh Meg, I'm so sorry for Ben. Even if you weren't close it's still very stressful for you both. And going into that cold! I also really understand about your tax because I have to do mine asap and I've been sitting on it for 6 months. Safe travels, I look forward to reading your news when you return.

Susan B. said...

Sorry for your loss and the stress. Take care of yourself!

desiree said...

Oh, I'm sorry!

Dana and Daisy said...

Meg, I'm sorry to hear about Ben's mom. Positive and loving thoughts sent your way while you are gone.

Love, Dana

Meg said...

Thank you, Carol. I'm at once surprised and dismayed that I will actually do this tax thing in two days - that's usually the amount of time it takes to do the actual job every year - after I get over myself and stop stewing. This time, it might have been a day and a half, but let this be a lesson to me.

Thank you, Susan. Thank you, KD. Thanks very much, Dana.