For Sonya, Just in Case

It sounds like you've figured everything out, Sonya. But just in case, I've just taken the pics of the right side of my loom. If you can tell me why my warp winds not consistently but jiggly, I'll love you forever!!

Front to back:Brake release.Advancing the warp.How to prevent a major headache - with a bit of fleece and an old sock.Both ends of the vinyl-covered cord is tied to nylons and secured. I wonder if it was thus at the very beginning. We have had to adjust the length of these nylons, particularly the front one.Back.This is something I noticed today; the wire crosses over so that at both the front and the back the middle piece extends and screwed to the loom. I'm not sure if this is how it was at the start. I wonder if this is the cause of the jiggle.Ditto with the back.And the length of the wire appears never to have been changed.

Now we're off to Auckland, overnight, then to Winterland. Brrrr...


  1. My vinyl cord is tied to the spring at the back, and was tied through the brake release lever, which I'm guessing is probably the original setup. I retied the vinyl with a different cord through the lever when I was trying to make the brake work (and I wanted the cable shorter, but there's a worn patch where it was on the lever and I didn't want to tighten it too much through there).

    I'll have to see if mine jiggles when I actually start using it. The crossover could be the reason, a crossover is what was stopping mine from even winding on. I've now got it so the wire goes on at the outside from the spring, and comes off against the loom at the fixed end.

    What is the headache being solved with the sock? I haven't started weaving yet, but I'd like to know what to look out for.

    If I have any inspiration about your jiggle problem I'll let you know.

  2. Wow, Meg, your loom is a gorgeous piece of equipment. What kind is it?

  3. I suppose it is nicer to hit a sock then a wooden piece. I've been hit by the loom several times (or is it me walking in to it?).

  4. Hi Meg. Thanks for commenting on my little blog. I have been quietly following and enjoying yours. I love how you write about the challenges of the weaving process. Plus, we are both Randall fans! Thanks - Polly

  5. KD, exactly!! Sonya, on mine there are a few very sharp bits on my loom and I've bumped/cut/bruised my head in different ways, particularly on the said part.

  6. Connie, it's an NZ loom made by one Mr Thorp who passed away at age 90-something recently. I believe it used to be a countermarche which was retrofitted as computer-controlled for at least one previous owner, but I don't know the history of loom. Which is kind of sad...

    Polly, no worries. See you again soon.


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