Artists' Paperwork

I wrote a while back my discovery of artists' curriculum vitae/resume being quite different from that of an office worker. I did some Googling and still believe Edward Hussein Winkleman's advice to be the best. Many web sites claim to have a sample artist CV, but majority were only slight variations of an office worker CV, so avoid them if you spot them.

I have a real artist CV in my hot little hands, and here are the headings in it. The inclusion/exclusion of headings and the order in which to list them would depend on the artist's experience and interest, as well as what s/he would like to emphasize in the particular application, of course, so you and I need to improvise, but here they are:
  1. Academic Qualification
  2. Exhibitions - specifies solo or group
  3. Curatorial Experience - of other artists' work, of course
  4. Bibliography - stuff written about the artist's work/exhibitions by someone else
  5. Published Writings - articles written by the artist, of course
  6. Reviews - of other people's work/exhibitions written by the artist
  7. Lectures & Floor Talks - given by the artist
  8. Symposiums/Conferences - attended by the artist
  9. Travels - if the travel was specifically to view an exhibition, the exhibition title and venue is listed
  10. Employment
If you know of blogs and sites with good advice on CVs and other application-related paperwork, please leave pointers in the comment section. Though I seriously hope it'll be a long time before I need to concoct another one of these.


  1. A bit late, but better late than never.

    Depends who the target is, but I'd tend to line it up so that it goes from general to specific (or mass public to nerdy).
    Something like
    plus the rest.
    Then again - what do I know?

  2. There really isn't a solid rule here, with CVs of any type nowadays, is there. But an artist's CV, well, even the items/headings are so different!


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