Excitement Looms...

Sonya at Insanity Looms has got a new loom, and it was made by the same man as my 16-wheeler. We've been communicating today about the brake mechanism, and since there are a few pics involved, please excuse the Thorp shop talk; it was easier than sending her a bunch of pics.

First things first; if you meant this part, it goes around three times, not twice.

This is vinyl-covered cord is the one you guard with your life, and if you ever find something similar, please get some length for me, too, just in case. We need the vinyl-covered string to go around the pulleys, but can use anything to secure that to the springs.

Now to the front. the top pawl used to stay in the up position nicely. About six months ago, it started to drop at the most inconvenient moments, and though Ben's tried to rebalance it numerous times, it's never as obedient as it used to be.

As well, the ratchet started to dig grooves in the wooden handle and I didn't see it until I found sawdust-like bits on the carpet. We've inserted a couple of sheets of leather between the handle and the ratchet, but that's made the advancing just a bit tighter and a tad less comfortable.

And I found mine, too. It's so tiny I never noticed it before.


  1. Thank you! It was the wire cable in your first photo that I was getting confused by - it seemed to fit nicely how you've got it, but the instructions say to wrap it once, with the 'once' crossed out and 'twice' handwritten in, so I thought three times might be the problem. I have got it going around three times because it seemed to be the right length for that.

    So in theory when I lift the release lever it should loosen the warp beam tension enough that I can move it on? Or is there something else I'm missing. If it should just work then I will try shortening the vinyl cable and see if I can get that to work.

    I didn't even know that that front pawl was supposed to stay up, it doesn't on mine. If it annoys me too much I'll probably just drill a hole to put a pin in to hold it up.

    Glad you found your plate - it's not very big or exciting, but it's nice to know it's there.

  2. "a couple of sheets of leather" is actually a thin hard-board cut to the shape to fit. Which is smaller in diameter but a square hole to match the shaft and oiled it.

  3. Ben, did you tell me that at the time? Where are all my leather pieces, then? Did you go and use it for something else???

    Sonya, I'm not confident about my vocabulary, so I'll try some new pics soonish.

  4. Yes, and you were watching while I'm assembling it.
    Those leathers are "as-is" in your plastic bag, somewhere.

  5. Must be ages old with a phone number like that

  6. The 70's, I think. At least that's when the plates were made - I don't think this loom is that old. I wouldn't even be surprised if he had gazillion plates made and used the same until his last ones just a few years ago.


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