Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ho Hum...

The piece after the exhibition is becoming a drag; now that I don't have a deadline, it's moving slowly, and there are colors adjacent to each other that I don't like the combination of. (Is that even a coherent sentence?) And I'm afraid there is still a bit of warp left after this piece, for a big sample piece, or perhaps a couple of napkins/serviettes or some such. And I so want to move on, but the arms, yeah.... not exactly worry-free at the moment...

By the way, there is an interesting discussion on what "narrative" means on Connie Rose's blog. I have given permission for me to cringe at the hint of "concepts" but "narrative", I find interesting; not the too literal stuff, I don't care much of words-on-cloth unless they work really well, but I wonder whose story a piece is supposed to narrate, the maker or the viewer. Any thoughts?

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