Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Morning

And we finally have some rain, yay! I wove for an hour on Wednesday and Thursday, and the arms are a little weird, (no pain, just yellow/orange lights, I guess,) and I'm wondering if I should give it a rest today or keep going. I could bring out all the stiffer wool into the living room and start thinking about big pieces for the exhibition in October.

This clip is making me think about the Internet and work, my work, and making money via the Internet in particular.

I use the Internet primarily for research, for connecting, (including participating and hosting projects,) and for my own amusement/enjoyment. I can't say I've ever observed a direct connection to what I make,(other than learning how to use a carder and how to hemstitch on the loom,) and I've never sold anything to people I met on the Internet.

Once in the mid-90's and again in the early 00's, when I was thinking of getting up a website, I was forewarned about many weavers not to expect to sell much via the Internet, as clients need to be able to feel textiles before they buy.

I've had two inquiries about specific pieces, and two if I have an online shop, but no sale, though photos have helped one repeat customer and Mom decide what they wanted. Though, I guess, looking back, this repeat customer, at the very beginning, studied my website/blog before ordering, so she may count as one; I've just received the fifth order from her. My pieces are relatively expensive and I consider most of them one-offs, (I don't repeat designs too often and never colors,) and NZ dollar tends to be make it more expensive for you. This is why I've never been in a rush to setup Esty, (I cringe at the thought of having to think about prices,) though I realize this is one of my Chicken/Egg dilemmas. I'm not blaming the Internet; I'm not complaining because there is a lot more I could do, but exploring.

We're not like... say, film makers, performance artists, not even illustrators, who seem to be creating new ways of making their art every day. And I don't teach, and I don't write books. What are things weavers can do on the Internet? How can Internet help me generate sales? And what are ways I could integrate the Internet to my work, besides gazing at photos?

* * * * *

Kathryn sent me a very long yard of handspun silk and a lovely handmade paper prayer flag/bunting. She used handmade stamps. It's going into the stash room, most definitely. Thank you, Kathryn.


  1. hi. i was just wondering what is in the photo? it's really pretty. i've never heard of this before.

  2. There is a skein of handspun silk, and a bunting, BW.


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