Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Way my Life Works...

The hearts blanket was placed in a clothes dryer by an au pair and was reduced to a doll-size mess. Lucky I still had these under the couch; fringing is painful for my arms so I've had these in the usual holding position for nearly a year, but they've been moved to the waiting area that is under the coffee table. One of these will eventually end up in the hands of my, I think, almost 3-year old client.

Meanwhile, her little sister wants a pink/ivory/brown blankie. No rest for the slow weaver, especially when she goes overseas to see an exhibition on a whim.


  1. Cally, I think it hasn't sunk in yet. When I was young, I did wash in too-warm hand-washes, so I can imagine the washing machine, but the dryer? Really??

  2. For young people raised on wash-and-wear, everything can go in the drier.

    Sorry to hear that, but at least there's a little spare!

  3. I suppose, Geo. Anyhoo, at least it's already woven and just needs the fringing!

  4. What a shame.
    Some years ago I bought a Conair hair braider from Trade Me to twist fringe and save my hands. Unfortunately it annoyed everyone while watching TV which is when I twiddle. One might be a saving on your arms till they heal.

  5. Yes, most possibly, Dianne.


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