Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Spools Day!!!

In appreciation of one of the least celebrated weaving tools, we proudly present to you our bobbins and pirns and whatever else we improvise to work with.

Happy April Spools Day, world!

My second set turned by a local turner to match the first set I bought. Every piece has a different wood grain design and looks and feels lovely. Because the shuttle which takes these is heavy and I don't weave with thick yarns too often, these babies tend to be stuck in a drawer.
My default prins. When I first got them in the mail, I was shocked because they were so ugly compared to wooden ones, but I got used to them and I mind less that they are made of plastic. 
Heavier-than-cartridge paper I intended to use the back of, wrapped around a pencil. I can get around three of these from an A4 sheet and I can cut the length to suit three shuttles of different sizes and weights. I never realized each one would last over ten years when I first made them.

Here's Dianne's basket.

And here are Sampling's.

And Cally!

And Kerstin!

And Margery!

And Laura!

And Geodyne!

Thank you for your contributions, weavers! (Anyone else I haven't spotted?)


  1. I think this is a lovely idea! Just posted mine here.

  2. And here's one from me

    Kerstin in Sweden

  3. Here's mine. Happy April Spools day, everyone!

  4. Baskets seem to be the popular choice for bobbin vessels, not the unsexy recycled New Zealand ice cream container! :-{

  5. I don't have a picture, but my emergency bobbins are made of magazine subscription cards rolled around a pencil and secured with scotch tape. Made about 50 when I learned krokbragd, because I needed 3 of every color. I was scrounging subscription cards from everyone I know. They are free and the perfect size!

  6. Not a bad idea, Linda; I just can't stop imagining you sneaking into a large book store and hanging around the mag section far too long!


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