Thursday, April 12, 2012

Production Line

I have photos of the two purple/pink warps dated March 27, 2011,so it has been a year since I made this one also. And what a peculiar one this is! No doubt my intention was to make at least one challenging warp; not so much "difficult" as it is not instantly harmonious to look at.
So there is scope for experimentation with the weft colors; so far, I only like the first two sampled.
The first is, once again, the nondescript mid yellow green that isn't all that great on its own, but works hard in combinations.

This time I recorded as I threaded so I can see how the warp and weft interact on the computer beforehand, if I am diligent, to prevent this sort of carry on, (third pic.)

There were fewer stripes than I had expected in this warp, making each stripe wider than the previous colorful warp, and a symmetrical block distribution of A-B-C-D-C-B-A so I'm having to make each rectangle more interesting. Which is a fun thing to do, but time-consuming.

And this wasn't the plan at all; the plan was to weave off three of these short warps, six scarves in all, relatively quickly and get on to the first October Exhibition piece. Ergo the title of this post.

Ho hum...

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