Monday, April 9, 2012

Good Weekend?

For all of you who needed to be passed over, I hope you were safely passed over, and those of you who went bunny-hopping-egg-hunting, that you found what you were looking for. For the rest of us, well, a breather and some down time. It's Day Four of Ben's long weekend, (he has until tomorrow,) and here in Nelson it's been disgustingly sunny, mild and gorgeous, bringing out all the neighbors out to tend to their gardens, except us. (To note, our neighbor to the north has chickens, to the northeast, rabbits, providing a season-appropriate variety to everybody else having gazillion cats; only one neighbor has two dogs, and one with occasional grand-dog.)

I was heading into a head-case/nut-job state and Ben has the sniffles AGAIN, so we read and slept a lot on Friday and Saturday; I've also been watching a whole lot of TEDs I've saved up. By yesterday I needed another approach to stop replaying the shall-I-stay-or-shall-I-leave, (not Ben, but Group R,) tape, so I tackled the ironing which accumulated. Anyhoo, the combination of  DVDs and ironing did the trick and I'm in a place where I can resume work today, but really, we should either tackle the bookshelf and finish the job Ben started, or make a gesture to the world that we do so care about the state of our domicile and be seen outside. 

Anyhoo, some delightful finds which may interest some of you:

Professor Hans Rosling, possibly the only man on earth who can make statistics relevant. Trust me you've never been entertained so much by infant mortality, poverty or CO2 emissions statistics; they come alive and become immediate and, yes, relevant! 
The good Professor on TED
His Gapminder website

Some background on T E Lawrence, (or Arabia) with an emphasis on abuse, depression, etc. Not recommended if you're feeling down, but an interesting look into the not-Peter-O'Toole part of of the man's life. 

And... oh, Cally might have Swine Flu, so best wishes for a speedy (and if not, pampered) recovery to her.

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