Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Get Out of Your Depth

Group R met again yesterday and it was a short, sharp meeting; we made a whole bunch of administrative decisions, divvied tasks, and updated our time line. All necessary evil, but fun.

We also touched on the issue of artist profiles and statements.  I don't go for long stuff, (though I love to read other artists' long and detailed bios,) so I scribbled down mine.
Profile: Born in Japan, Schooled in the USA, discovered weaving in New Zealand.
Statement: I weave cloth in my basement all hours of the day. 

If asked to add more, I could muse about being run over and defeated by the Concept Truck, but I hope I don't have to sound serious or mature; that is so... 

I had a couple of hours to kill and a free coffee card, so I went to a cafe I don't often go, and this is what was on the wall.


  1. Love your bio! But yiu've got an interesting one. Most of us don't have that. I have a problem with artists statements. Why do they have to be so "flowery?"

  2. Love your bio, and the wall!

  3. Dear, dear friends, the question you should be asking me is, "Why can you make bio&statement to the point, but not your blog posts??"


  4. But that isn't what this blog is about. This blog is for you to say what you will, knowing we are o.k. with it and you, no matter what.

    Vicki Allen

  5. Hee hee, thanks you Vicki. Ever since my university days, the most frequent comment on my papers was "wordy", but I do fear I am getting longer and longer-winded!

  6. I like your statement. It's not boring.

  7. Like my high school English teacher Mr Wolk said, "Miniskirts, people! Write enough to cover the essentials but make it short enough to keep things interesting." Ah, the politically not-so-correct 1970's, Dorothy!!

    Although as regards skirts, I like narrow long ones like those worn in Thailand and Viet Nam...


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