Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Enjoy your 22nd Anniversary

Well, go to the Festival, among other things. I've been tired all week, so we had a slow start. We had breakfast, headed east, had lunch at Havelock; got to the Festival around 1PM, caught up with some friends as much as you can in a Festival front foyer, browsed the Trades hall, bought two cones of 4-ply cottons I intended to try; Ben wanted to see the National Exhibition, took lots of pictures meanwhile and had a few taken of us wearing funny hats; finally headed back west, stopping for a Green-lipped-muscles dinner in one of our fav restaurants, in Havelock again; came home, watched TinTin, ate ice ream, and went to bed.
"Important people have fascinators," said Joan; she's speaking to Maria, of Group R, who visited the Festival for the day.
Rose's double-weave vest, my fav piece in the venue decoration; I predict Ben will ask me for a photographer's vest, so shhhhh.....
A knit hat with possum fur; only in New Zealand where possums are pests.
Polite Customer; my money is on someone's husband or son seconded to deliver something pronto to the venue!
The best thing about knowing my stash was I only bought two small cones of 4-ply cottons, something I intended to sample for a while anyway. It's a lot of work for the vendors, though, and I appreciate them coming; just wished there were more of them that catered to weavers.
We were all supposed to wear something handmade; I didn't get around to putting a cashmere collar on another top, so I brought our hats. And wore them just for a few minutes.
The all-important red dot towards my Brisbane Trip fund. Joan told me there was a session held by the Exhibition selector on Friday evening, during which the speaker said my piece would be handy in an airport when your flight has been delayed because there is so much to look at; I am considering calling my block weave scarves "Airpot Lounge" series or similar... (Are you thinking, "flag of Japan" too?)

I've posted pics on the Festival and Marlborough Weavers blogs as well. As I said in the last post, my tenure as regards those group blogs are over; I'm a smidgen sad, but greatly relieved after 19 and 39 months respectively. I can really devote myself to the October exhibition work. Without distraction. Like, Facebook. Ya know. And other ideas. Like life after the October exhibition.


  1. Great to see that red dot! And you two look lovely in your hats :-)

  2. Only Joan and the ladies at Marlborough Weavers could make Ben wear it in public. :-) The strange thing is, I forgot it's called a red dot - here, we're always hearing about Christchurch's red-, yellow-, and green-stickered homes; red, of course, being bad news. I kept thinking red-stickered sounds wrong, but couldn't think of the "dot".

  3. Great photo of you two, and love the hats!

  4. You two are adorable in those hats. Frame that one!

  5. Congratulations on the red dot!

  6. B probably cannot believe I posted that photo, but heck, when it's fun it's fun. Our living room temperature last night, on the other hand, told us those are useful and not-just-fun pieces of clothing in this house!

  7. Thanks Meg for all the postings of the Festival on both your blog and the festival one. Seeing the photos of the exhibition so early on too. I hope other areas preparing for CF festivals adopt the blog as a way of communicating too.
    Great job.
    Cheers, Doe.

  8. Thanks, Doe. It's been good.

  9. A few minutes. That long?!

  10. OK, about 50 seconds, just long enough for Chris to take 3 pictures.

  11. In two places of the foyer.


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