Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunny Sunday

After much gazing, mostly on Friday night, I decided this scarf will be in the olive green and pale gray purple. It quietens the warps and somehow make the yellows and greens in the warp look harmonious with the purples and pinks. And the olive green weft in particular gives the cloth that sheen, though it looks dead flat in this picture.
For the second scarf, I am contemplating using a 60/2 cotton in dusty orange; it gives the cloth a really luminous look, and the patterns pop up. Three potential problems: longer weaving time; a crispier/wire-like unfamiliar texture, though reminiscent of some Southeast Asian silks; and worst of all, the selvedge is much harder to control than 20/2 wefts. The color doesn't go as well with the yellow/green stripes, so I might use another color alternatively.  
Why am I showing you shots from a totally wrinkled sample?
Because I anticipate folks may want to bunch this series of scarf up and wind it like so, and I wanted to see how wrinkled it gets; the hard-working sample endured 36 hours under a box of drawing papers.

Meanwhile, yesterday, the unbelievable happened, and our study bookshelf is now cleaned up. And the most surprising thing was, it took us only around 4 hours. We were ruthless in culling, and not as thorough in the cleaning of the shelves and the walls, but it's done and we even have gaps, and you can't believe what serenity it brings to me. We even had time time to sort through our map collection, (remember those? I used to be a big collector up until our 2003 trip to Scotland and Ireland; since then, of course, it's been GoogleMaps to wherever we go,) had time to put addition to my postcard collection into the plastic sleeve folder, and even mended a pair of pants! My stash room bookshelf has no space horizontal or vertical, but that's been culled several times in the last two and a half years and I don't foresee any more culling, or much addition in the near future.
And all this after I had a lovely mid-morning bubble bath. No wonder I'm knackered today.

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