Sunday, March 16, 2014


We were supposed to have tropical cyclone Lusi had been warned since Thursday to be prepared, so I prepared on Thursday, but this has been the politest, meekest cyclone I have encountered and now it's called both ex-cyclone and depression. It's good there were no bad damages, of course, and it's staying a while longer, and I'm the last person to complain about overzealous warnings, but it's been anticlimactic.

You will be pleased even I have become sick and tired of reading on Unravelling that I have been either sick or tired, so I quit that, but last week was an interesting week in coaxing myself to do something productive, anything, every day. It works. I had eyeglass-induced mild-but-continuous vertigo plus oh-so-many senior moments and wondered if the two are connected. In the month of tape-fixed glasses, I kept seeing things as if the brain was augmenting the blurred vision, which I found interesting and a little alarming, but that's stopped now. Vrtigo has lessened but it catches me when least expected. And not-so-early-onset-forgetfulness is always on my mind.

Simple stuff works; folding laundry, ironing, washing dishes, or just putting away things I pulled out and can now be put away, which is just as well because when I feel energetic, I don't want to do these things. And there's less chance of tripping over things.

Friday was funny, though, even as it unfolded. In the morning I noticed some 20 tabs had disappeared from my browser. Then I brought only my drawing kit to class; no backpack, no keys, no phone, no wallet. Ben noticed this in the car but didn't say anything; I noticed during class so I went to Ben's office to borrow his personal cell and house keys. (Very lucky for me it's on the same campus.) Sam gave me a ride home, which is always nice because I can get some loom time even on Fridays.

Well, I/we discovered A) Ben doesn't carry a front door key, B) we can't open the other door if a key is stuck on the inside of the door, and C) Ben's work cell voice mail wasn't working. Long story short, he had to come home and open the garage door so I could get in, but I also got an hour of weeding done. Under the scorching late summer sun, in long sleeves and not-summer pants.

Real life.

I was so frustrated and disgusted by me, though not angry, (the weeding was actually nice in that it was constructive), that I spent the rest of the afternoon eating a whole bag of potato chips and gazing at the computer screen. And had muesli for dinner.

Saturday morning, still on Lusi alert, I wanted to make new drafts for Thursday's yellow/orange red-to-blue warps. I tried doodling on the software, got books on on tied weaves and gazed, the 8-shaft bible and modied 8-shaft drafts, but ended up with nothing interesting. I even tried a block weave in which I use all the 14 ways to lift four shafts and remembered that sometime in the past I did this. I also knew Triona's draft would work well with a variegated red-to-blue warp, but didn't want to recycle another draft. And we had leftovers and nibbles for dinner.

It's Sunday here and I could either keep searching for an enlightened draft, or trust what I know and recycle the draft for at least the first piece. For once I decided to be sensible; it's minutes to noon, I'll have breakfast and then go downstairs to thread. 

And it sounds like real rain now.


  1. Mostly I laughed softly. Glad the cyclone didn't amount to much. Kind of like earthquakes here. Have you tried dramamine for the vertigo...or whatever you call motion-sickness pills in your neck of the woods? Might help. Have a good Sunday is just getting started. Hugs. p.s. mail art on its way to you as we speak.

  2. I still blame the glasses. My right ear seems to be shifting, like mountains and glaciers. None of my glasses sit well on my right ear, and goodness knows Jim tried to fix them all - and they all used to sit just right. If it continues in a week or two, I shall go see him again.


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