Next Please

Ben fixed my loom Monday night so I've been working; life is back to normal. More or less.
This is the warp.
These were the wefts I picked for the first piece.
And this is the first piece just off the loom. It's alright. Except for warp tension problem in the red end. (Colors are slightly more saturated.) It's a toned-down piece compared to the sample; I planned it that way.
The sample is exciting; it has all kinds of hues, values and intensities, and each hue area includes an average of three variations. And the selection of colors were random and surprising/unpredictable. (The sample is more saturated and really exciting.) And the draft slightly different.

So for Piece II, do I want more saturated wefts? More variety? Or more on the red or blue side?

Tomorrow morning I'm going out to the garden again before I get back on the loom. Provided I can decide what kind of color scheme I want in Piece II.


mmhaber said...

So many options! This would freeze me in my tracks. I'm glad you aren't like that--can't wait to see what you come up with for that second piece.

Meg said...

Yes, so many choices, Margery!! But I am so disgruntled about the tension problem; self-inflicted as always, you know. :-<