Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rotating Temples, Anyone?

Early this morning on FB, I heard of Fireside rotating temples for the first time. They are a bit pricey, especially if I consider the postage to the bottom of the planet, but it may help me. I'm wondering if it would get in my way more than help me if I throw my own shuttles; I don't have a fly shuttle. 

I'm short but I have my big loom set up to the best of our ability without tampering with the loom itself. I can't raise my bench without raising the pedal, but if I raised the pedal, my knees would dig into the cloth while moving from the breast beam to the cloth beam, and the pedal would decrease the maximum allowable buildup on the cloth beam, which is not much already because how how much I've already raised the pedal. 

I may tape a couple of boxes where these might be and try it out; I night give them a friendly inquiry.


  1. These temples are really quite expensive, especially for a hobby weaver, I´ll rather buy yarn for the money.
    But I´m always interested in "tex-mecs" (textile mechanics) so thanks for writing about it.
    I hope you can solve your loom problems and find a comfortable position while weaving.
    Have a nice weekend

  2. They are indeed expensive, and I don't know what I will get out of it, but I'm curious. To be honest, since I weave without fly shuttles, I think it will get in my way but I'm happy to wait and find out.

  3. I use the AVL rolling temple on the jacquard loom with hand-thrown shuttles. AVL's version is similar to Fireside, except the prickly part is on top of the fabric, whereas Fireside's are under the fabric. There's a photo at What the temple decreases is the distance from the fell of the cloth to the closest heddles - the bar the temples ride on attaches to the loom in such a way as to diminish that distance by a couple of inches. Since the AVL's auto-advance system keeps the fell at the "sweet spot" all the time, that isn't a big deal.

  4. I saw you contribution on WeaveTech, Sandra, and mine would of course be under, from how I understood it. And I I advance my cloth myself the old-fashioned way, I'm not really sure how it'll be. I have been in communication with the Fireside folks, so I shall find out. Perhaps before the end of the weekend, imagine that! But that couple of inches you speak of, if it is the same for me, is rather bit considering my seated position and arm length. Oh, no!!


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