Sunday, March 2, 2014


This trip to Australia I keep mentioning goes like this.

Shortly before or after I came back from Japan, I discussed with Kaz my possibility of vising her, and I decided to go to one of her workshops. Though I'm still not convinced by the merit of the aesthetics of the prototypical Saori weaving, (which is subjective,) I want to understand the creative philosophy she keeps talking about, first by sitting in her class, and later by discussing it with her. Sampling and I have been discussing timing our visit to Japan in 2015 so we can meet, but she's arranged to come up to Kaz's this year around then. 

Then, before my glasses broke, my friend Carol said she's going to these mixed media workshops, and among the tutors I found Seth Apter, whom I have been following for a couple of years. Seth told us he's coming to Australia in 2014 but there he was so serendipitously. 

I've always loved paper and stationary and other people's visual diaries.I've been talking about the therapeutic effects of my mental-health collage. I've also always loved bookbinding but thought I'm not suited to it. Lately I've been looking at smaller, more personal "books" people make as art/personal journals, and how I could potentially use these tools to help me come to terms with Dad's passing and that I couldn't make peace with him before he went. I also thought I am allowed something like this after the year I had, so I signed up for this and this.

The next day, my glasses broke, and the day after, I got a brand new pair I didn't need had I been careful. So you see, it's not just about the waste of money which could have been put to funner use, my carelessness that bothers me. But Dad lead an ascetic life, to Mom's eternal annoyance, except for travels and travel he did, so I'm giving this trip to me. I only need to weave like hell between now and August.

Taueret lives in northern New South Wells along the coast; my friend Nancy, (who used to live in Nelson,) further inland in Tamworth. And the latest AWAL Claudia is in Sydney. Why not contqct them, too? Then I found out a friend's daughter is sicker than I thought, and they are clustered around Brisbane somewhere; why not see them! So I am hoping to see upwards of six real and four hither-to-virtual friends in one fell swoop over two weeks in August, besides the three workshops. (Earlier I asked Ben if he wanted to holiday in Oz, spending time in a lakeside resort, but he doesn't like to tag along when I have to be in workshops at least part of the time, so no pity needed there.)

So there it is, my Australia trip. I have to collect themed material to take to Seth's workshops; I have to choose my themes. I don't know if I want to work on Dad stuff there, or learn techniques using softer themes like Ben, textile pattern/motifs, ideal gardens/houses, or something else.

Anybody else available to meet between Brisbane and Sydney, somewhere on the coast? (Bear in mind, I don't drive so I'm training/bussing.) Do you know any textile or art places of spectacular interest en route? Do please leave a comment.


  1. God, I wish I could join you!!! Sounds like a gas. And those two workshops look intriguing.

  2. I know. I feel so torn - plenty looking forward to and planning and thinking, and plenty naughty guilt. But it is less expensive than going to the US, and I think that was the deal breaker? Game changer? Final Straw??

  3. I am so very happy that you will be coming to my workshops Meg and that I will have a chance to meet you. I feel quite appreciative that you ares considering such a personal and important theme for your books.

  4. Hi, Seth, anything goes, you know. I may just practice with easier themes at the workshop. I'm very undecided.

  5. I am so thrilled that you are coming to Curiousweaver Studio in little Old Bar. Although not so little...the ABS stats have us at 4,500 in population so it is getting quite crowded. You will be able to really explore weaving in another way in my studio...I hope. Already an interesting crew for the workshop and a couple of places left. Can't wait to see what you will weave with us and how much I'll learn from you too. I've got all my art materials for use at any point too so you won't want for anything I hope.

  6. Oh, pressure, pressure, LOL. I think I'll just close my eyes and go at it.


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